B&D Industries, Inc. has a proud tradition of serving clients for over 60 years.  Throughout the years, our focus has remained on performance, cost, schedule, and relationships.  Exceeding our customer’s requirements and expectations is the norm for our company and our people.  This has served our clients well and has enabled us to develop and maintain long-lasting relationships.  This in turn has provided us the opportunity to compete for work with a variety of clients in industry, research, academia, government, manufacturing, high tech, and healthcare.  B&D is about relationships and respect for our clients, our people and our partners.  We are also about our community and being able to give back our time, talents, and resources to numerous organizations in the communities in which we work and live.

Our first customers were Kirtland Air Force Base and Sandia National Laboratories.  Our ability to satisfy the stringent requirements of these institutions provided the foundation for our growth based, and allowed us to prove our commitment, ability, and performance in delivering our work with a consistent focus on quality, safety and security.  Today, we serve clients throughout the United States.

B&D has been involved in cutting-edge projects to include being the electrical service provider for the first vertical laminar flow clean room, fab facility upgrades from 200MM to 300MM wafers, the first solar thermal test facility (central receiver concept with heliostats) and the first large-scale commercial nuclear fuel enrichment plant in the United States, as well numerous high performance computer systems.

As we face the future with our partners and our clients, B&D cannot and will not let the fear of uncertainty stand in the way of opportunity as we grow our business based on performance, relationships, and trust with our people, our customers, and our partners.  We must seize the day with wisdom and discernment and ensure we do what is right and do “whatever it takes” within that framework.

Our vision is to differentiate ourselves so significantly that we change the industry through excellent service delivery with exceptional customer experience – one project and one relationship at a time.  B&D was there for our customers yesterday and yesteryear, and is committed to being there for our customers today and tomorrow.  We are an organization of exceptional people achieving exceptional results.



B&D Electric Company was founded by Bud and Dorothy Roache in 1955. They had a modest beginning ...
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Bud decided to team with his brother-in-law, Bobby Beall. Bobby worked his way up from an electricia...
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Bud and Bobby changed the company’s services from residential to commercial work. Their first comm...
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Very few contractors were doing work on New Mexico’s military bases, so Bud and Bobby shifted thei...
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B&D Industries, Inc. was incorporated....
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In 1969 B&D moved from their Moon and Central Location to their present location at 9720 Bell Av...
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B&D’s current president, Troy Beall, the son of Bobby, started working at B&D as a journ...
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Bud and Bobby decided to sell the company to Bud's two sons, Gary and Bryan Roache, and in 1980 the ...
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B&D implemented a safety plan....
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Sandia National Laboratories put the Z Machine in place to achieve output of 80 times the entire wor...
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Sandia National Laboratories dedicated Microsystems & Engineering Sciences Applications faciliti...
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B&D helped design and install a new generation test facility for Stirling Energy Systems, Inc. (...
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B&D joined the Electric Roundtable, an association of electrical service providers who strive to...
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Troy Beall formed a partnership with his son, Clinton Beall....
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