Project Engineer

Classification Description: Project Engineer

Primary Location: Albuquerque, NM

Status: Full-Time

The Project Engineer is responsible for the timely and accurate execution of tasks assigned by the Project Manager. The Project Engineer is given responsibilities commensurate with its background and experience. These responsibilities can cover all aspects of project management, including, but not limited to, scope, budget, quality control and customer interfaces. The Project Engineer assists in compliance, report preparation, scheduling, technical assistance, training and mitigation. The Project Engineer is a Project Manager in training.

1. Administrative support in tracking both labor/material costs charged to the project
2. Manage materials/equipment that will be used during project execution
3. Track quality issues and open items that must be resolved prior to project completion and close-out
4. Maintain project files so that documents provide objective evidence of compliance with contract requirements are not lost, destroyed and/or damaged and can be readily retrieved
5. Provide training and support to members of the project team
6. Apply contractual requirements to the scope of work
7. Maintain project plans current to scope, schedule and/or budget change
8. Conduct inspection and walk-down activities
9. Track open items to resolution and resolve conflicts
10. Estimate costs, manage contingency funds and control costs
11. Measure and affect productivity
12. Write Project Status Reports
13. Direct sub-contractors
14. Write technical reports and build relationships with individual customers
15. Responsible for reviewing estimates for their potential jobs, and preparing change orders and cost estimates

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