Project Manager (Electrical Service)

Classification Description: Project Manager (Electrical Service)

Primary Location: Albuquerque, NM

Status: Full-Time

The goal of the Project Manager is to deliver contracted scopes of work to B&D customers safely, on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of the customer. The Project Manager functions as a business manager for the company. Project Manager is an Area Project Manager in training. The Project Manager will provide supervision/support to all direct reports and will communicate with internal/external parties to deliver all scope requirements.

1. Read and understand contract language, namely scope, schedule and budget, as well as delays, claims, and method/time of payment
2. Accurately/timely execution of projects assigned by the Area/Division Manager
3. Manage contingency funds, control costs and measure/affect productivity
4. Maintain Project Plans current, as scope, schedule and/or budgets change
5. Optimize use of available funds/control the scope of work
6. Manage customer-initiated change requests/enhance project design/construction quality
7. Read and understand construction drawings and accurately determine their impact on the scope, budget and schedule of the project
8. Work control to include authorizations, personnel assignments, customer and sub-contractor interfaces, tracking, monitoring of work activities and change control
9. Develop Project Plans that meet contractual requirements, satisfy the needs of the customer, and establish project objectives, which, in turn address scope, budget, schedule and performance requirements
10. Select a project team that has the training, background, knowledge and skills necessary to perform the work assigned to them
11. Identification, disposition, and tracking, to closure, any quality issues and/or open items that must be resolved prior to project completion and close-out
12. Identification and maintenance of project files, so that documents needed to provide objective evidence of compliance with contract requirements and the administrative needs of the company are not lost, destroyed, or damaged and can be readily retrieved
13. Maximizing resource efficiency through procurement of labor, materials and equipment
14. Oversight and support for members of the project team
15. After conferring with management team, reduce prior project oversights
16. Read, understand and apply contractual requirements to a scope of work
17. Conduct inspection/walk-down activities and effectively resolve conflicts
18. Write formal Project Status Reports and avoid delays, changes and disputes
19. Develop Project Engineers into future Project Managers
20. Responsible for reviewing estimates for their potential jobs, and preparing change orders and cost estimates

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