B&D Industries, Inc. continues to focus on the design-build delivery method.  As a leader in the local construction community, we are often asked by our customers to lead a design-build effort, or asked by our industry partners to participate on a design-build team.

Design-build performance is preferred when there is a need for limited risk and timely delivery. It is the preferred method for project delivery when the facility function and timeline are the most critical customer needs. The design-build method is especially cost effective for industrial campuses and complexes that already have construction and maintenance performance specifications.

B&D has electrical, mechanical and telecommunications design-build experience. We are qualified to work in secured areas with rigorous safety and quality requirements. We have specialized computer tools and documentation procedures that make it economical for our customers to participate in the management of their project. We also administer our own insurance liability, workers compensation and safety programs as part of the project, relieving the end user of that responsibility. Once the project is completed, we can develop service contracts to keep critical equipment maintained and running.

B&D believes that delivering facilities through a single-source design-build process provides clients with superior results. Design-Build advantages include:

  • A Single-source process
  • An Early knowledge of cost
  • Time savings
  • Enhanced communication
  • Expedited project completion

B&D provides on-call services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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