B&D provides operations and maintenance (O&M) services for our customer’s infrastructure and facilities. We work closely with owners to:

  • Develop project specific programs that meet electrical, mechanical, communications, life safety and supervisory needs and requirements
  • Utilize documented processes and workflow through a variety of computer-based programs, thereby alleviating that from the customer’s overhead
  • Provide insurance liability, workers compensation and safety programs all administered by B&D, relieving the cost that is often passed onto the customer
  • Develop innovative approaches for greening activities, energy conservation and environmental protection programs
  • Develop operations and maintenance programs and processes to minimize production interruptions and revenue loss, including plant and systems outage panning and management
  • Develop just-in-time programs tailored to customer needs and supplier capabilities
  • Embrace the customer’s security and safety programs and integrate requirements into B&D’s programs/operations
  • Develop training programs for the workforce to maintain competencies with owner systems and equipment
  • Explore the application of C-Sourcing for solution delivery (further explained below)

B&D can provide general O&M services for both general and secure IT systems, voice and data communications,  switchyard/switchgear, low voltage systems, life safety systems (fire alarm, annunciators, etc.), emergency power systems (UPS/Diesel generators), lighting, HVAC, lightning protection systems, supervisory systems (SCADA), and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

B&D believes that innovation in O&M is necessary, although often overlooked by owners and providers.  In the spirit of “reconsidering how we think about and provide O&M services,” B&D can provide additional O&M services through its C-Sourcing (M. DeWitte) program that provides a collaborative sourcing joint venture through a business value network.  The program enables the client/owner to protect their investments in facilities and systems for continuity of operations and 24/7 production capability.  C-Sourcing provides a cost effective win-win situation where the core mission, primary skills and capabilities and solutions are aligned with qualified and engaged partners to include the owner’s workforce as appropriate.  The C-Sourcing Team creates a network of providers to integrate customer needs and subsequently manages, coordinates and delivers solutions.  The focus on the core competencies of the entire team aligned to the reality of performance, cost and schedule issues is the crucial element for the success and sustainability of customers and providers.

B&D provides on-call services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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