B&D Industries has established a pre-fabrication process and implementation to combat the rising cost of construction in today’s market.  By taking repetitive construction practices and moving them inside our indoor facility, we increase our efficiency while greatly reducing labor time and material waste associated with larger projects.  Safety is a foremost concern for B&D, pre-fabrication in a controlled environment has proven to reduce construction related injuries and time lost.

With our 2200 sq. ft. shop dedicated to pre-fabrication design and construction, B&D can efficiently and safely create in-wall assemblies (power, lighting and data), above ceiling conduit bends, and conduit support systems.  Additionally, we can safely complete cutting, filing and preparation of hanger assemblies, heavy metal components, and threading conduit in our shop, rather than on the jobsite.  Material requirements are carefully reviewed, and those spec requirements are carefully integrated into the construction of the assemblies.

With the construction industry continually changing, B&D will always search for new and innovative ways to take a common construction practice in the field and streamline the process for the fabrication shop. We utilize technology forward software such as Trimble, Bluebeam, PlanGrid and Autodesk Suite in the pre-planning and execution stages of a project to maximize efficiency and productivity. B&D methods for efficiency include standardizing of materials and assembly processes, as well as proper training for the pre-fabrication staff.

B&D provides on-call services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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