OWNER: Sandia National Laboratories
LOCATION: Albuquerque, NM
INDUSTRY SERVED: Research and Development
CAPABILITIES: Controls, Datacom, Electrical, Life Safety Systems


B&D performed as the general contractor on the Building 965 Lab Modifications project that consisted of modifying the overall building security system and transforming it in to a high level Vault Type Room (VTR).  The project consisted of the renovation of the labs and remodeling of offices within the building.  B&D provided the addition of a new entry way to serve as a lobby.  The interior renovations also included new walls, acoustical ceilings, door hardware, office space electrical modifications and the installation of a hydraulic lift with the associated structural mezzanine and concrete landing.  The entire building was upgraded with interior and exterior security modifications to include security bars, new VAV terminal units/water piping and fire sprinkler system with a new fire alarm panel. A small portable clean room was assembled and placed, a sound-masking system installed and a fiber-based communication system upgraded with new backbone. A UPS system, parking lot lighting and new rooftop HVAC systems were installed, and the RTUs were integrated into the site-wide environmental control network. B&D performed a complete electrical renovation of the facility, providing new electrical panels and feeder installation.  Additionally, B&D installed new fire optic cables and connections.