OWNER: City of Albuquerque
LOCATION: Albuquerque, NM
CAPABILITIES: Controls, Datacom, Design Build, Electrical, System Integration, Telecom


B&D was the prime contractor for the City of Albuquerque Convention Center Energy Efficient Lighting and Control Upgrade for the east and west complex.  The City’s primary goal was to reduce the electric load, utility demand costs and maintenance costs, while maximizing lighting comfort, lighting flexibility and building aesthetics.  The project consisted of retrofitting the old lighting with new LED lighting and a Lutron controls system in the east complex of the Convention Center.  The Lutron system offers a commercial lighting control system, processor panels, wall box products, ballasts, provided computer and eLumen software. The turnkey installation included design work, a lighting schedule, the removal and installation of lighting, control sensors and control system along with upgrades seismic lighting support.  The installation was a challenge at times in that B&D had to work around the schedule of the Convention Center and not disrupt on-going activities.  Based on the Lutron standard design, finish and construction, ceiling tiles had to be installed.  The overall installation was commissioned and certified by the manufacturer to ensure the system was performing as required.  The purpose of the retrofit was to reduce energy use. In turn, PNM granted the City of Albuquerque with a generous rebate for their efforts and success in promoting this energy efficient lighting system.