OWNER: State of New Mexico
LOCATION: Albuquerque, NM
COMPLETION DATE: September 2015


B&D was selected and performed as the general contractor to renovate the historic Navajo Lake Visitors Center facility and upgrade it to current infrastructure and energy standards.  B&D removed the entire roof without damaging the 50-year-old stone work and original beams.  This was done to assist in the shedding of rain, snow and to accommodate the 16 inches of insulation.  The under soffit is tongue and groove penofin stained with down lighting around the entire exterior.  The exterior walls were upgraded with polyisocyanurate insulation board and new-stucco was done.   Skylights for daylight were installed in the roof.  A teaching classroom addition with wet sink and custom cabinetry counter was installed.  A high dB noise reduction coefficient acoustical ceiling was installed and a write on projection screen was added.  The second addition was the staff work room with storage lockers and custom cabinetry.  A complete new door and window package for both interior and exterior were installed.  New LED lighting with occupancy sensors and dimming were placed.  A level 5 finish was done for the walls and ceramic tile installed for the floors.  The restrooms were upgraded to meet the ADA standards.  An energy efficient HVAC package with spit units for each room and an HRV air recirculation system was installed.  A new patio with retaining wall was also created.  The roadway was modified to accommodate the two new toll booths and a matching roof canopy was fabricated to cover these.  The underside of the canopy has tongue and grove penofin stain with down lighting also.  A new full color electronic video board was placed on the structure to welcome visitors along with two red/green displays at the two entry points for general information.