COMPLETION DATE: September 2011
CAPABILITIES: Data Communications, Electrical, Life Safety Systems, Plant Controls


B&D performed the complete electrical and data installations for 33 Items Relied on for Safety (IROFS) in Assay Unit 2 of the Separations Building Module (SBM). This was B&D’s second IROFS project at the URENCO USA Facility. The Assay Unit is where the final enriched uranium product is blended and tested. While these processes are designed to run with great precision, there is a risk of overheating and over pressurizing the product if certain systems or equipment fail to operate properly. IROFS are the fail-safe circuit interrupters designed to shut down processes that exceed their design criteria for heat and pressure.

In the nuclear industry, any equipment, work, or processes that directly impact life safety are conducted at the highest quality standards – namely, Nuclear Quality Assurance Level – 1 (NQA-1). B&D is one of a select few contractors at the enrichment facility who are certified to construct under this highest quality level. Performing this level of work successfully requires the greatest controls and rigor, including:

  • Developing and deploying NQA-1 construction work plans
  • Acquiring, controlling and deploying NQA-1 materials
  • Installing NQA-1 conduits and pathways
  • Properly terminating all NQA-1 conductors

All aspects of these installations receive constant inspection by URENCO’s Quality Control Department as well as periodic reviews by inspectors from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.