OWNER: Hess Corporation
LOCATION: Seminole, TX
COMPLETION DATE: December 2013
CAPABILITIES: Controls, Datacom, Electrical, Life Safety Systems, Plant Controls, System Integration, Telecomm


B&D served as the electrical/special systems contractor on the plant laboratory and control center at the Seminole Gas Monitoring Plant.  The electrical scope of work included the installation of switchgear, UPS system and the lighting control panel.  The telecommunications scope entailed building out the communications and plant control room and laboratory.  B&D installed 13.8kV power feeds to the control room and laboratory, and the backbone fiber, along with redundant path to tie the new control building in to the existing control room.  The job also included extending and tying in the emergency shut-down system for the entire plant.  B&D performed the controls migration to move all network and special systems to the control room.  This needed to be accomplished without any plant process interruptions.  The plant functions with the ability to recover carbon dioxide from the fracking process, along with harvesting natural gas.  Thus, it is crucial the plant remain in operation with very limited interruptions.