Summer is in full swing. Which means you’re likely looking for ways to escape the heat and feel comfortable in your home. Additionally, you’re likely going to be more conscious about your energy consumption to avoid costly bills. Fortunately, there are solutions that emphasize your comfort and save you money during these peak months. 

As one of the southwest’s premier HVAC companies, B&D Industries, Inc. are experts in providing excellent services and expertise in every project we undertake. Keeping you cool and comfortable is our goal and we’re happy to help by assisting with your air conditioning insulation. Read our article below and learn some easy ways you can save money and stay cool this summer.

Close Your Curtains During The Summer

When you leave your curtains open in the summer, you’re letting the sunlight into your home. Which means you’re letting the sunlight heat up your property. Thus, making it critical for you to leave your curtains and blinds closed during these hotter months. This will help you cool down your home without using too much AC. 

In addition to closing them, it is a good idea to invest in dark or blackout curtains. These solutions help prevent the sun from overheating your home during the hours when it is most active by completely blocking the light. 

Open Your Windows and Interior Doors During Summer Nights

Another solution that helps cool your home is by opening the windows and doors at night. When the sun goes down, and the skies are dark it’s time to enjoy the cool night breeze. By opening your windows you’ll be able to enjoy a cross breeze that fills your room with cool air. 

During the day it may be a good idea to close off doors leading to hot areas of your home, like the kitchen. However, at night you should open all of your interior doors so cool air can flow freely through your house. 

Invest in a High-Quality Fan This Summer

If you’re worried about energy costs you might be interested in investing in fans. There is a variety to choose from, each with their own advantages and levels of power. To properly cool your house it’s important to look at a few options. 

  • Window Fans: window fans are exactly how they sound. They’re installed in open windows to draw cold air into the property and push hot air out. If properly set up these air conditioning wall units can cool an entire house.
  • Ceiling Fans: this type of fan is used to circulate air in the room by pushing it down. However, they cannot lower the temperature like a window fan or air conditioner. But, they are effective in keeping you cool.
  • Tower Fans: these types of fans are tall, narrow, and portable, meaning they can easily fit into most areas of your home. They create airflow by circulating air from left to right.

Place Ice or Cool Water in Front of a Fan

In addition to the fans, you can also cool your home down even more by placing ice or cold water in front of them. This will cause the fan to blow and circulate cold air around the room. For the best results, you should close the door and windows when you do this to keep the air trapped inside. 

Upgrade Your Light Bulbs to LED

Light bulbs emanate heat. When you turn your lights on, it contributes a small portion of the heat to your room. However, LED lights stay cool. This is because the heat dissipates. After all, it is absorbed by the metal inside the bulb. Resulting in a significant reduction in heat transfer into the air. 

As an added bonus, LED light bulbs are energy efficient so you’ll save money on your utility bill. 

Stay Cool This Summer with B&D Industries, Inc.

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