The widespread adoption of residential and commercial EV chargers fuels the rise of sustainable transportation. These installations enhance convenience and promote sustainability by integrating electric vehicles into daily life, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, and combating climate change. Meanwhile, businesses investing in EV charging infrastructure stand to gain from tax incentives, increased foot traffic, and improved corporate social responsibility (CSR). EV charger installations are pivotal in shifting towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

With years of experience in electrical services, B&D Industries has been at the forefront of innovation. As supporters of clean energy, our EV charger installation services directly reflect our dedication to the cause and our customers.

Residential EV Charger Installation

In-home charging networks rapidly expand, offering unparalleled convenience for electric vehicle (EV) owners. With EV charger installations, homeowners can charge their cars directly within their garage premises. This setup facilitates overnight charging, ensuring their EVs are fully charged and ready for Monday morning commutes to work or any other journey.


In-home charging networks are expanding, and the convenience of charging at home is unparalleled. EV charger installation allows homeowners to conveniently charge their EVs directly in their garage. You can charge your vehicle overnight, guaranteeing it’s ready for a Monday morning work trip.

With various alternatives available, including Level 1 chargers that plug into standard outlets and speedier Level 2 chargers that require expert installation, homeowners should select the best and most convenient solution. Please take a look at our infographic below to understand the different voltages, amps, and charging loads associated with various chargers.

Environmentally Friendly

Transitioning to a home EV charger isn’t just convenient; it’s an environmentally friendly choice. By charging at home and owning an EV, you’ll reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and overall carbon footprint. Even if your local energy grid isn’t using fully renewable sources, you’re still stepping towards a greener future.

Why Commercial EV Charger Installation Is Also a Great Idea

EV charger installations also benefit businesses, providing an appealing incentive beyond simple convenience and sustainability.

Tax Incentives

Companies that invest in EV charging infrastructure often benefit from tax rebates, which are incentives to lower operating costs while demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Check any federal and local legislation on tax credits relating to EV chargers to reap all the benefits your business can get.

CSR and Attracting Employees

Offering EV charging options might also be an effective recruiting strategy, attracting environmentally conscious workers who value workplace sustainability efforts. Having chargers at their work location makes it highly convenient for EV driver employees.

These installations align with corporate social responsibility goals and enhance your brand image among potential customers and employees.

As we all look to the future and search for ways to improve our home and work spaces, B&D Industries remains committed to providing our clients with creative solutions that reflect their values and objectives. With our EV installation services, we’re not just installing outlets but promoting a sustainable lifestyle and generating change in our communities.

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