Like it or not, we are in the business of systems failing, miscommunications occurring and mistakes happening. We are taught, as Project Managers, to keep our eye on the constraints of scope, schedule, and cost; however, sometimes uncontrollable factors may come into play causing our projects to become interrupted or delayed. Kris Trujillo, one of B&D’s up and coming GC Project Managers, was recently challenged with these unpredictable circumstances on the two jobs he recently completed for the City of Santa Fe; Salvador Perez Building Rehabilitation (SPBR) and the Fort Marcy HVAC Replacement (FMHR).

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SPBR was Kris’ first attempt at project managing a general job of this size and scope. Combine his lack of experience for managing a job of this magnitude with the following challenges is truly impressive.


  • The City built its contingency fund of $130k into the contract; however, due to unforeseen site items, there were over $200k in contingency items.
  • The lead superintendent passed away a few months into the job.
  • The sandblasting subcontractor poorly performed and did not complete with their scope of work for the project.

FMHR posed issues and challenges from the get-go. The price we submitted to our customer was based on the original design of the building and included equipment that was no longer manufactured. This put us out $40k, before we even started the project. We continually ran into design issues, which prompted Kris to reach out to the vendor to assist in the re-design and determine what dehumidification equipment would best suit the space. The new equipment required more space and was 150% the cost originally quoted due to the additional pieces of the equipment.

Despite these challenges the project pulled through as a huge success. Kris attributes a lot of this was due to the collaboration of his project team and the long hours they put into the jobs. Their approach in handling the bumps in the road was extremely impressive in not only working through these issues but constructing projects that were highly successful and profitable in the end.

One thing remained consistent for Kris during the lifetime of these projects; he exhibited a strong work ethic, a willingness to learn along the way, a strong belief in his team and their individual accomplishments, and finally, no preconceived notion that either of these projects was impossible.

Kris would like to thank and acknowledge his project teams as well as the individuals who played a key role in supporting him along the way.

SPBR: Elisha (PE, Super support), Ray Chavez (Super), Gaston Gus Dumais, Gabriel Chavez, Joshua Espinoza, Zachary Gardner, Benjamin Sedillo, Chris Baker, Travis Burkett

FMHR: Elisha (PE, Super support), Gabe Chavez (Foreman), Ambrize Sanchez Lizarraga, Josh Espinoza, Justin Garcia, Zach Gardner, Chris Baker, Gus Dumais

Additional Project Support: Dillon Farfan and James Tapia

Mentors: Kalvin Shrader and Russell Herring

You all are truly a team of individuals who clearly will do “Whatever it Takes.”

We remember Ed Espinosa with great adoration and respect. His untimely death removed him from this earth, but the memories of him shall live on. He will sincerely be missed by those who had the privilege of knowing him. “Ed was not only an employee for B&D, but a dear family friend. He worked and played hard. His laugh was contagious. A lot of people considered him a friend, and he will be sorely missed.” —Kalvin Shrader