Making your home or office a welcomed escape from the sweltering heat is a smart idea; one that air conditioning units will fix. However, when researching the best cooling option, you’ll need clarity on what exactly sets them apart if you’re going to make the best air conditioning decision. 

Not only do you need a cool oasis to walk into, but also one that’s not going to break your budget each month. Thankfully, technology has advanced to include different types of air conditioning, including central air conditioning. 

Let’s take a close look at how central air conditioning works and its many benefits. 

How Central Air Conditioning Works

Central air conditioning generates a consistently cold atmosphere by filtering room temperature air through internal fan coils. It is a desirable cooling system that operates from one central location and distributes cooler air temps from room to room by fans and ductwork. 

Central air conditioning units are designed with a condensing unit outside the home or office, containing the AC condenser coils, compressor, and the condenser fan motor. The evaporator coils are located within the building or home and mounted on top of a furnace or air handler, which uses a circulatory fan to draw air into the vent. Once drawn in, the air circulates past the evaporative coolers and back into the floor space to the desired temperature on the AC control. 

Through temperature-sensitive technology, the unit stops when the room has reached its pre-set temperature setting and restarts to maintain that temperature throughout the day.  

Top Benefits of Central AC

Here are the top reasons individuals choose to invest in Central AC:

  • Fast and efficient technology – Central AC is a cooling system that’s great for maintaining an ideal temperature day and night. You don’t have to wait for hours as with other types of systems to cool a home or business down, the temperatures remain ideal easily as the efficiency of the design works with fewer steps to reach its goal. 
  • Less Noisy — With the main condenser unit located outside the home or office, the AC running is less noticeable while you’re inside. There’s no distracting noise while you’re trying to sleep or work.
  • Decreased Allergies — Central air conditioning dehumidifies the air, which is exactly what bacteria and mold need to thrive in— humidity. Only the air that’s already inside is used to cycle through the cooling process, making it important to keep all windows and doors closed. Seasonal allergy sufferers are better off with central air conditioning. There will be no hot or humid air in the building, making it much better for your health.

Investing in the right AC system for your home or office can support everyone’s health while keeping expenses low. It makes a big difference when you have a cooling system that works properly and checks all the boxes for what you need in your residential or commercial property. 

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