When it comes to commercial buildings, quite a few aspects go into making sure they can operate properly for the businesses they house. And similarly to residential addresses, a large part of a smooth operation is having a working, correctly installed electrical systems throughout. The difference? Because of large spaces to cover, and the complex wiring systems needed, there’s a tendency for increased electrical errors and problems to occur.

We explain some of the most common electrical problems prevalent in commercial buildings; and how you can spot them in your own company’s space.

Issues That Can Arise

Just like you would in your personal residence, it’s vital that you perform regular, routine checks on the electrical system within your business’s facility. And when you keep in mind that you operate an entire business out of the space, knowing what you’re looking for can help prevent your day-to-day from being severely disrupted.

  • Circuit Breaker & Electrical Fires
    Working in an office setting typically means having a large amount of equipment plugged in and operating throughout the day. Which, in turn, could lead to an overuse of energy and overload to your breaker, causing it to trip. This is especially true if space is not properly wired or prepared for usage. And according to Power Max Electric, ignoring this issue has the potential to lead to an electrical fire.
  • Power Outlets and Appliances
    From coffee machines to water coolers, varying appliances can often be found throughout a commercial building setting. If one of your appliances seems to be “dipping” or “sagging” in power, Good News Electric recommends trying to plug it into all other sockets in your space. If the problem persists, it could be a circuit overload or circuit shorting matter that needs to be addressed.Commercial buildings also often face electrical outlet headaches such as dead outlets or just simply not having enough for the plethora of things to plug in and use. Power Max explains that dead outlets could be due to poor circuit connection or a trip. They also recommend that if your office doesn’t have enough outlets, be wary of utilizing too many extension cords or power strips. This too could cause a fire hazard resulting in damages or injury.
  • Light Switches and Bulbs
    Working in a commercial building means relying upon the lighting your space is able to provide for your operations. And common commercial lighting troubles can range from burnt-out bulbs and flickering lights to dimming sources, all of which can completely obstruct business. Because replacing the functionality of bulbs isn’t always as easy as just replacing it, it’s best to ask an electrician to do any repairs. That way they can brighten back up your space easily, quickly, and spot any more serious problems, like poor circuit connections, while they’re at it.
  • Unprotected Wiring, Insecure Wiring, Loose Connections, and Grounding
    Whether it’s unprotected wiring prone to the elements and human access, or faulty wiring from installation, a number of complications can begin to present themselves in a commercial building. Plus, present loose connections can cause overheating or fires. The hardest part? Seeing what’s happening behind walls, which makes hiring an electrician to examine things like wire length, wire protection, and wire installation crucial.Grounding within your space may also be an issue that isn’t immediately visible. Power Max explains that this is caused by unbalanced branch circuits and wired feeders; and that it needs to be inspected by an electrician before even bigger problems arise.

Caring for Common Electrical Problems with B&D

At B&D Industries, our roots are in electrical contracting. In fact, in 1955, we began as B&D Electric. Now, we’re currently one of the largest employers of electrical tradesmen in the state of New Mexico; and we self-perform all phases of electrical construction. Because of our extensive history, knowledge, and qualifications, we can tackle low, medium, and high voltage electrical work. And we’re ready for your project.

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