Safety is one of the most important factors homeowners consider when making home improvements. Investing in a trustworthy security system with the right features often puts the mind at ease.

Luckily, technology has advanced greatly in recent decades, giving us a wide range of options to improve home safety. People no longer own outdated security systems when high-tech advancements offer motion sensors, monitoring systems, built-in Wi-Fi, and much more.

The following security system features are highly sought out in today’s market:

Customizable systems – Almost any security device is customizable to the homeowner’s preference. For example, some motion sensors only detect people, rather than pets roaming around the house. This detail can avoid a lot of hassle and disturbances throughout the day. 

Other ways systems can be customized include selecting specific cameras and sensors or integrating devices with Alexa and other virtual assistants. Customization allows you to choose what is best for your home layout, family habits, and level of protection desired. 

Self-Monitoring vs. Professional Monitoring – An appealing feature of modern security systems is mobile notifications, oftentimes accompanied by a real-time video feed. However, this remote monitoring feature requires you to remain attentive to your phone. The risk you take is unintentionally neglecting a security notification regarding an emergency if you are unaware or unable to check your phone. 

For this reason, many homeowners look for devices including professional monitoring. Professional monitoring is when a security company contacts emergency services after homeowners fail to respond to security notifications. 

Many homeowners appreciate the peace of mind they have when using security systems that offer professional monitoring. Despite keeping up with a busy lifestyle and possibly missing important security notifications, you have a professional security team backing you up. 

Smart lock – Picture walking up to your front door after a long day of work. You rummage through your belongings for your house keys and discover you left them at the office. What a hassle. 

Thankfully, a smart lock changes the game. Smart locks allow you to open your door through an app and some models include voice recognition. Should you forget your keys or feel too exhausted to look for them, it’s an easy fix. 

Smart locks are an extremely convenient feature to include in your security package, especially in addition to a front door camera. 

Activity log – An activity log is a feature that often includes smart locks and front door cameras. This desirable security feature tracks when people use the door, making it a great way to time-stamp when someone leaves and arrives at your home. It especially helps households monitor the activity of strangers visiting the home, such as babysitters, repair workers, cleaners, etc. 

Good price – Safety at a good price is the best of both worlds. Some security systems are expensive due to their long list of features, which some may find unnecessary. Thankfully, there are many varieties of security systems available at reasonable prices. 

Now that you’ve read through some of the most sought-after features, you’re better equipped to decide which ones are right for you and your home at a price that fits your budget. 

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