When it comes to plumbing trends, bathrooms and kitchens can offer exciting and innovative ways to spruce up your house. And plumbers can help you make the leap from being purely functional to groundbreaking if you’re considering remodeling your house. Here are some ways to be a trendsetter while increasing the value of your home and making your surroundings comfortable. 


Touchless Faucets

Hands-free faucets have become a fixture for public and commercial places. If you’ve gotten used to them while using the kitchens or bathrooms at work, you should consider installing them at home. There are several variations available, including models that turn on and off when your hand makes contact with the spigot and motion-activated faucets that work if your fingers come within a few inches of them. Plus, touchless faucets are a great choice for people who are skittish about being exposed to germs.


Frameless Showers and Wet Rooms

While stalls have become increasingly minimalistic over the past few years, this most recent take on showers takes it to a new level, with virtually no framing, accents or hardware. With floor-to-ceiling designer glass, these showers practically scream “look at how minimalist chic I am!” and wet rooms take this even further, with no shower stalls at all. They might remind you of the good old days of taking a shower in a high school gym, but with architectural steps, tiling effects, and tiered drainage, the similarities end there.


Dual Flush Toilets

This technology (two flush settings, one for a large volume and one for a lower amount of waste) has been around for a while but it’s become more popular as the “green” movement becomes mainstream. Helping to conserve water will make you feel less guilty about using too much of it, and a bit richer when you spend less on your water bills.


Water Pressure Settings That Are More Flexible

You can adjust the intensity of your water spray from a soft mist to a vigorous blast with just the twist of a handle. While movable, flexible shower heads have been around for years, these new shower handles give you a greater variety of water pressure.


Killer Shower Sound Systems

This is a fresh take on hanging an old-school transistor radio in the shower. State-of-the-art sound systems can be incorporated into an LCD screen that allows you to control water pressure and temperature along with steam while in the shower. You can also integrate Bluetooth technology into your bathroom’s sound system, allowing you to control speaker volume hands-free.  


But Wait, There’s More

If all that’s not 21st-Century enough for you, pimp out your bathroom with USB charging stations, a mini-fridge, and technology that allows you to set your shower to turn on automatically, so it’s ready for that morning or after-work shower. When it comes to bathroom and kitchen upgrades, these days the sky, and your imagination is the limit.


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