Here at B&D, we have employees that have very talented kiddos, and we are always proud to share the great accomplishments of those kiddos. Lane Shrader, son of Area Manager Kalvin Shrader, hit a home run this summer and made New Mexico very proud. 

It’s hard to believe that just three years ago Lane was playing baseball on his first little league team, and ‘he was a natural’, says his father.  From day one it was evident that he loved the game. With a great passion for the sport, he practiced and studied the game daily. “He strives to be the best and plays his very best,” says Kalvin.  Kalvin and his wife Julia, Lane’s mom, have played a significant role in Lane’s success. They have encouraged him and helped him get to where he is today. 

Fast forward three years, and we had the opportunity to see Lane play in Florida, representing New Mexico at the USSSA Wilson DeMarini Elite World Series, July 14-21, where Lane’s team competed against 16 other teams across the United States.  The USSSA Wilson DeMarini Elite World Series is the “Who’s Who of Travel Baseball!”  Lane’s team was the first club baseball team from New Mexico to earn a spot at this tournament and they placed seventh in the tournament. Lane’s team is currently ranked first in New Mexico and eighth in the Nation.

At the young age of 13, Lane has been recognized for numerous “game-play” moments – a term his parents came up with to express game performance highlights.  A recent game-play moment was when Lane stole a home base at the World Series tournament. He was directed by his coach to steal home and he did just that! Another highlight game-play moment was when Lane’s team was preparing to be eliminated from the tournament, it was the bottom of the seventh and they were down by one, with two outs, and Lane was up to bat.  The count was 2-2 with a runner on first and Lane hits a triple! Their team ended up winning the game by one point.

Lane has worked so hard to be the player he is today and knows he can only improve with a good attitude, humbleness, and God.  He is one impressive little man! Way to go, Lane – we look forward to watching you grow and witnessing more game-play moments.