B&D’s paid internship program gives you a chance to work alongside some of the most experienced professionals in the industry. Whether you are a new graduate or still in college, we may have internship opportunities for you in electrical, mechanical, low voltage, communications, project management, construction and finance. You’ll be getting hands-on experience,  gaining valuable education to make a smooth transition into the construction industry.

This past fall B&D hired David Muller as one of our Interns. David student at UNM, majoring in Geology. We asked him how his experience as an intern at B&D. He shared the following with us.

The B&D internship program has prepared me for advancing my career into Project Management. Throughout this program I have worked alongside project engineers, field technicians, estimators, and project managers as a collaborating member of the team. B&D Industries sees their interns as investment for the future. The company has paid for me to get a safety certification from OSHA; an official training for a construction program called PlanGrid; and I will soon get certified in first aid. Most interns in B&D are offered a full-time position pending graduation.

One of the most exciting things about working with B&D Industries, is that there are always advancement opportunities. Following my internship, I will be working as a project engineer, which is a project manager in training. Project engineers support project managers in handling contract details, RFIs from engineers, change orders to the customer, and maintaining project schedules. They also work directly with field supervisors to relay progress information, and any issues that might arise in the field. To succeed in the industry, it is very important to have strong organizational and communication skills. The B&D Industry internship program places special emphasis on developing those strengths.

One of my favorite things about B&D Industries is the ability to see our projects progress towards completion. Projects start by hearing the customers ideas and goals. From there we collaborate with architects and engineers. Once a design is drafted we communicate with estimators who use cost accounting to create the best price for the project. After months of construction it is truly amazing to see the finished product, and the customer satisfied with the team’s work. B&D is a very supportive and relaxed company to work for. Every day there are new challenges, but as a team you can overcome them.  

An internship with B&D Industries is a great opportunity for students and recent graduates who are goal oriented and enjoy working in a social setting with different groups of people. As an intern I am constantly learning new skills that the classroom can not provide.