Commercial plumbing is more than just pipework in buildings. The more you look into what makes commercial piping systems different from residential plumbing, the more you will come to understand its many complexities. 

There is a significant difference between commercial and residential plumbing. This is why any type of DIY plumbing fixes in office buildings or other commercial locations is not encouraged. Taking your residential knowledge and trying to fix a commercial plumbing issue is often a costly mistake.

What is Commercial Plumbing?

Commercial plumbing centers around the piping system implemented in various types of commercial architectural designs. These types of commercial construction designs are far more complex than residential housing. 

Commercial plumbing systems affect a large commercial facility’s water supply and wastewater drainage systems. The origin of leaks in high-rise buildings can be more difficult to locate.

Common Commercial Plumbing Issues

What are you most likely to have issues with commercial plumbing? Commercial properties have more demand placed on the water piping systems and drainage capabilities than any other type of construction. 

Commercial Plumbing risks include:

  • Leaks 

A commercial property with leaks could lead to wide-scale flood damage, rotting infrastructure, and serious deterioration when left unnoticed or untreated. Commercial properties have an increased amount of bathroom stalls, sinks, and showers in some cases. Therefore the piping may have cracks that need to be fixed right away.

  • Low or high water pressure

Low water pressure may result from faulty water valves or clogged pipes and leaks. High water pressure could damage piping systems or easily burst causing severe flooding and damaging electrical areas. Commercial buildings using larger plumbing systems are at greater risk of damage when plumbing issues go left unchecked.

  • Sewage backup

Sewage problems are not only horribly putrid but are a real threat to buildings when sewage backup gathers in one area and worse when it dries and hardens. Commercial properties cannot afford to continue their regular operations when you suspect there is a sewage problem.

  • Blocked drains

Clogged drains are easily preventable. However, when drains get blocked and are not fixed, the piping may erupt or cause severe flooding damage.

What Makes Commercial Plumbing Unique?

Commercial plumbing comes with its own unique set of risks. High-rise buildings are especially at risk when plumbing issues go undetected or are not fixed right away. This is why commercial properties are held to a higher standard of plumbing compliance and health care regulations. The types of commercial buildings vary and so does the plumbing structure. 

Properties may need to upgrade old furnaces, boilers, heaters, and other major appliances in order to prevent dangerous issues.  Larger-sized buildings or multi-floor level high-rise structures need the professional oversight of a commercial plumber. Plumbing issues affecting commercial buildings are more catastrophic to the property value and maintaining the productivity of businesses that rely on these rental spaces to keep business running smoothly.

Commercial water systems are under a significant amount of stress compared to any regular piping system. Anytime an issue is suspected with the plumbing of a commercial building, it is important to have professional help determining the origin of the problem and the best way to remedy it.

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