It’s the most wonderful time of year where people begin planning their holiday festivities. Between shopping for presents and counting heads for the dinner table, families will likely decorate their homes for the holidays. But before they hang up their lights and decorations, they must take necessary safety precautions. That is why we’ve highlighted five electrical safety tips for the holidays.

Inspect Your Electrical Holiday Decorations

Before plugging in any of your electrical decorations, you should inspect them for any damage. By identifying any damaged sockets, loose connections, and bare or loose wires, you’re eliminating the risk of fire or electrocution. Once you’ve inspected your decorations and found no damage, they can be installed safely for display.

Do Not Overload Electrical Outlets

Remember that scene in Christmas Vacation where the Griswolds have everything plugged into one outlet? Don’t be a Griswold. One of the most common and most dangerous mistakes people make when decorating their homes is overloading electrical outlets. To avoid possible electrical fires, we encourage you to plug one high wattage appliance into each outlet. Also, we recommend that you use extension cords or power strips with circuit breakers installed as another safety precaution.

Ensure There’s Space Around Heat Sources

To avoid possible fires, you must place any combustible materials at least 3 feet away from any heat sources. Sources may include furniture, curtains, wrapping paper, the Christmas tree, and any paper-based decorations. These items can catch fire quickly and can easily be avoided by ensuring there is enough clearance around the heat source.

Protect Electrical Cords From Damage

When you are installing your holiday decorations, you should keep in mind the location of the cords. Protecting the wiring will not only help you keep these displays safe for next year, but it will significantly lower any chance of an electrical fire.

Here are some areas to look out for:

  • Check to see if they are being pinched by furniture
  • Make sure they’re safe from being hit by the vacuum
  • Do not leave cords laying across the driveway or sidewalk
  • Ensure all connections are watertight
  • Make sure wiring will be okay when you close doors or windows

Make Sure You Turn Everything Off

When you go to bed or leave your home, it’s important to remember to turn off your electrical holiday decorations. Not only will this stop possible electrical problems, but it can also lower your electric bill at the end of the month. A great way to ensure your electric decorations are off is by investing in a timer that will automatically shut your decorations off at certain times of the day.

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