Sustainability is in significant demand from many people and the companies they do business with. As with most markets, we’re seeing sustainable alternatives in HVAC systems. These alternatives not only promote reliability but also cost-efficiency. It’s now easier than ever to adopt sustainable solutions to heating, cooling, and ventilation for our homes and businesses. That is why we’ve highlighted a few sustainable HVAC solutions that you should be aware of when trying to reduce your energy bill.

Reduce Energy Waste, Change Your HVAC Filter

Changing your filter on a regular basis is one of the most important tasks a property owner must do. Dirty filters overwork the HVAC system, and they restrict the airflow, resulting in far more energy usage and inferior air quality. By simply replacing your HVAC filter, you can reduce energy waste by 5-10%.

Power Your Property with Solar Technology

One of the most popular sustainable HVAC solutions is the use of solar power. There are two ways solar power can work for property owners. One way involves collecting energy by installing solar roof panels. The other involves passive solar technology, where the sun’s energy is collected by building walls, roofs, windows, and flooring. Passive solar technology is capable of storing energy to be used to heat an entire room once the temperature drops.

Cool Your Property with Ice-Powered Air Conditioning

One way properties reduce their energy consumption is by using ice-powered air conditioning units. These innovative units were developed to freeze water overnight to cool the building the next day. According to Barbour Product Search, these sustainable HVAC solutions are capable of cutting energy costs by 30%.

Reduce and Monitor Energy Consumption with Smart Technology

People are relying on smart devices to keep track of everything in their lives. So, why not their HVAC system? Smart thermostats connect with smart devices to provide information to monitor energy consumption. Furthermore, these devices give the property owner control of their system regardless of their location.

Heat Your Property with the Earth

With sustainability growing in popularity, so has Geothermal HVAC products. This sustainable HVAC solution stores heat from the Earth by installing looped piping into the ground. During the colder months, the fluid in the looped piping will absorb the heat and is used to heat the building. According to HVAC Classes, geothermal products are four times more efficient than traditional systems. Furthermore, geothermal solutions are now capable of cooling down your property.

Save Money with B&D’s Sustainable HVAC Solutions

B&D Industries, Inc. has provided top-quality services for over 65 years. We understand the importance of energy consumption and its effects on the environment and our client’s energy bills. That is why we’re proud to offer them sustainable HVAC solutions developed with reliability and efficiency in mind. Contact us today to learn how our technicians can help you transition to greener living.