Anyone with a sensitive ability to smell will notice the slightest difference in water odors. While it may be easy to get accustomed to the way your water tastes, there are some reasons why your water may have a different odor than before. Instead of getting accustomed to it, it’s best to identify what the causes could be before it gradually gets worse. 

This article will explore what the common water odors are and what could be causing them. Homeowners and commercial property owners should be aware of their water quality and maintain regular health safety protocols.

Common Water Odors

Smells metallic

When your water smells metallic, it could be an indicator of a surplus of zinc, iron, and manganese that may have leaked into main water sources over a period of time. However, an increase in minerals often occurs naturally. But unfortunately, the reason why could be the result of metal particles coming up from broken pipes that have seeped into the plumbing system. 

The water heater is a typical gathering place for such broken pipe metal materials that collect and become redistributed through the water systems. If your water tastes or smells like metal, try flushing your water heater system to clear away any existing metal debris or have it professionally inspected. A professional will determine whether or not there is lead in your water supply. If this is the case, it’s a serious problem and should be quickly fixed before causing any health problems in your home or office.

Smells like garbage or waste

There are times when you smell water and you’ll recognize a putrid odor. Some people say that the water smells like raw sewage or even decomposing marine animals. When this is the case, you want to look out for a build-up of garbage in your water pipes. 

Unfortunately, lots of nasty and gross fungi, algae, and bacteria grow best in dark, wet, and filthy plumbing systems. What happens as a result is the water will have the same odor as what is causing the backup in the water pipes. 

Some people say that hydrogen sulfide is a common reason why this happens. However, it’s best not to make that assumption, especially when it comes to preventing bacterial infections from drinking bad water. Professionals will most likely recommend your water system be fully disinfected and chlorinated to kill any lingering microscopic bacteria and other harmful substances from your water supply system.

Smells like rotten eggs 

Have you ever experienced running your water and wondering why it smelled like rotten eggs?  This is a common occurrence and it’s usually the result of hydrogen sulfide gas. What happens is there are bacteria that feed on material rich in sulfate and this accumulates in your drains and pipes. When there is an excess of hair, soap, and food particles in the draining systems it produces hydrogen sulfide, leading to your water smelling like rotten eggs. Thankfully, when this occurs it’s not as harmful as the previous smells we’ve discussed. It should not cause any type of allergic reaction as a result, but it could lead to corrosive damage to your plumbing system. The best way to combat this is by implementing a high-quality water filtration and treatment system that properly removes bacteria from the lining of your pipes. Usually household and DIY solutions just don’t do the trick.

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