One of New Mexico\’s biggest traditions is the New Mexico State Fair that happens every September. This event has been a custom in the Q since 1881. This event brings friends and family together through concerts, competitions, rodeos, carnival rides, games, farm animals, horses, agriculture and art. This year B&D was honored to be a part of this year’s New Mexico State Fair by helping the EXPO of New Mexico prepare for the fair.

B&D\’s first job was to renovate the pavilion bathrooms. We installed new sinks, toilets,  and partitions to both the men and women’s bathroom. Project Manager, David Mueller stated, \”while renovating the pavilion bathrooms we were challenged with meeting the deadline of their annual car show on the weekend of August 23rd.  We were able to get the bathrooms completed for the Annual EXPO car show.\”

The next phase of this project was to renovate the old dairy barn, the barn held a large amount of livestock during the fair. The barn has now been retrofitted for poultry livestock. We accomplished this by installing underground plumbing and drain lines to (6) frost-free hose bibs, installed 45’ of a trench drain. We then poured nearly 800 square feet of concrete. We built and framed a restroom complete with fixtures, mechanical closet, and a new office. We ran new gas lines for (2) 12-ton mechanical units. The challenge for this phase was compressing three months of construction into one short month. We were able to complete this project before opening day.

We would like to give a shout out to the project team for completing this project in a short amount of time. This team exemplified our motto, “whatever it takes.” We hope you and your family are able to enjoy this year’s State Fair! Have fun and be safe.

Kudos to our hard-working team!

Area 3 – Mechanical Department
Project Manager: David Mueller
Project Engineers: Faustino Rodriguez, Elisha Nelms
Project Leads: Paul Sedillo, Jeff Avila, Andy Lovato