Every project we undertake at B&D, no matter the scale or substance, is one we look forward to working on! And our project at the North Domingo Baca Multi-generational Facility, in coordination with The City of Albuquerque’s Facility and Energy Management Division, is no exception. Take a look at how we successfully partnered with such a wonderful company!


A Perfect Partnership with the North Domingo Baca Multi-generational Facility

Recently, we developed and implemented an upgrade of building lighting, grounds lighting, and controls at the North Domingo Baca Multi-generational Facility.  The facility serves as a beacon for seniors, adults, and youth in the community alike! Amazingly, they can use the facility, which provides a variety of activities and a fitness center, up to six days a week.

We implemented lighting and controls upgrade projects to provide enhanced lighting throughout the interior and exterior spaces; and to promote public safety, and to reduce the amount of electrical energy spent at the facility overall as well. By using LED lighting and wireless control technologies throughout, we achieved a reduction of a whopping 52% in lighting energy! That is an incredible, drastic change for the facility. The drone video is an example of the light levels we were able to achieve; and it shows enhanced public awareness during the evening hours.

We were honored to work with the North Domingo Baca Multi-general Facility. And knowing we were able to help makes our job that much more enjoyable!

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