At B&D, our team is comprised of exceptional people achieving exceptional results. Our company culture rewards teamwork, encourages leadership, and strives to recognize those who make our company what it is. This time around, we’d like to highlight an exceptional Project Engineer: Elisha Nelms!

What It Takes for Elisha Nelms

We believe that the “Whatever It Takes” mentality is what makes an employee exceptional, and Nelms has already become such an invaluable asset to our team by having just that. She’s been working for B&D since June of 2019, but she’s already won over the team with her strong work ethic and by being versatile in what she does.

During a recent site visit at Salvador Perez, our crew was removing 4×6 wood beams, each about 10 feet long. Elisha came in, threw one on her shoulder, and when asked if she needed help, refused and walked the beam out on her own! That one act is a prime example of the “strengths” our team members have at B&D.

Because of her hard-working mentality, she has the respect of the office, as well as the field staff. That is a difficult thing to perfect and she has done it in such a short amount of time. Elisha is not afraid to get in there, learn, and get dirty, which is important in our industry. She can also cover a wide range of work on whatever schedule is thrown her way. From working with the field staff to coming directly into the office to assist with RFIs, submittals, and PM duties, she can do it all.

Elisha fits perfectly into our culture at B&D and, based on her work ethic and attitude, we know she’s going to go far in this company. Thank you, Elisha, for all you do!

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