It’s hard to believe it’s been 65 years since our first commercial project: the first amusement park in Albuquerque, NM – Little Beaver Town. Since then, B&D has built a truly incredible portfolio of commercial work.

From the Sandoval Detention Center, Re-pipe Pods Project to the Sandia High School Swimming Pool Facility Thermal, Boiler, Roofing Project, the industry can be varying and exciting from day-to-day. B&D offers a variety of solutions in commercial and industrial projects, and we aim to do whatever it takes to deliver unparalleled performance and customer experience. Find out how, at B&D, we differentiate ourselves from the rest:

Commercial and Industrial Projects at B&D

In 1985, we expanded our capabilities from solely providing electrical contracting services to the commercial and industrial markets. This was done by offering plumbing, HVAC, and voice and data communications, all performed by highly qualified technicians. Uniquely, it made us a one-stop-shop for all your commercial needs. Also, B&D is a signatory to Local Union 412 Plumbers and Pipefitters, which means we can guarantee our customers unlimited professional, safety-conscious, craft trained plumbing technicians. We provide quality union workmanship, therefore completing commercial and industrial projects more efficiently. We also implement creative concepts in construction and building techniques along the way.

Commercial and industrial jobs tend to be larger in scope and more extensive than residential jobs we tackle. While the same tools and materials are typically used to resolve similar plumbing problems, code regulations can differ between the two; and it’s important to have technicians that are skilled and trained to handle them.

One of our most demanding, challenging commercial/industrial projects from the past year is the Metropolitan Detention Center Plumbing Re-pipe Project. It began in 2019 and we are currently still working on it. The detention center as an existing space is an occupied facility. Therefore, it required extra safety measures on our part to work within the building. Additionally, the material used to re-pipe the facility was a very hefty 6” copper, requiring two scissor lifts to work in tandem with the crew. Commercial and Industrial projects like these require the skill and know-how that B&D technicians specialize in.

More than that, we know that our services are vital to Albuquerque residents and those that work here. So, we make sure to remain competitive in market pricing. We are able to offer our customers top of the line products and provide a wide range of services. We not only meet our customer’s business needs, but enhance the capacity, capability, and efficiency of their infrastructure to a higher level of performance.

Commercial and Industrial Services

Just like our residential projects, our technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; and they provide a variety of services to meet your specific needs. We believe 24/7 customer service paves the way for amazing customer relationships. Not only that, but it consistently keeps both clients and our employees happy with round-the-clock accessibility.

Electrical: We self-perform all phases of electrical construction; and we have the qualifications and experience necessary to complete low, medium, and high-voltage electrical work.

Technologies: Implementation of fiber optic/copper media hardware, computer networking, telephone interconnection, Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems (UPS), and rebuilding your network or updating/integrating into an existing network. These are reliable, turnkey solutions we design to meet your company’s needs.

Planet Controls & Life Safety Systems: Rigorous production, manufacturing, research, and healthcare facilities have selected us to install, configure, and commission critical processes and life safety systems. B&D has performed across the spectrum, from spinning nuclear centrifuges to gaseous and chemical delivery cabinets for semiconductor manufacturing.

HVAC & Controls: We verify the proper operation of all air-handling units, combination refrigerated air natural gas units, split systems, evaporative coolers, furnaces, and thermostats during routine maintenance.

Design-Build: B&D delivers single-source design-build processes that provide early knowledge of cost, time savings, enhanced communication, and expedited project completion.

Pre-fabrication: By taking repetitive construction practices and moving them to our indoor facility, we increase efficiency. Plus, we greatly reduce labor time and material waste associated with larger projects.

Plumbing: Services range from troubleshooting and interior video pipe inspections to emergency response, plumbing remodels, and full replacements.

Operations & Maintenance: General O&M services for both general and secure IT systems include voice and data communications, switchyard/switchgear, low voltage systems, life safety systems, emergency power systems, lighting, HVAC, lightning protection systems, supervisory systems (SCADA), and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).

Green Initiatives: We make sure to maximize energy efficiency, minimize pollution, and use renewable resources whenever we can. We accomplish this by reducing dependency on the electrical grid and fossil fuels; and also providing advice, education, and promoting environmentally sound solutions to our clients.

Trenchless Sewer Repair: We\’re excited to announce trenchless sewer repair (TSR) services available to Albuquerque and surrounding areas in 2020. It’s a less invasive approach for sewer line replacement that saves time and money; and it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional repair method.

Partnering with B&D

We are New Mexico’s premier construction and management firm, with a dedication to being your go-to provider. With every project we undertake, no matter the scale, we place a core focus on protecting people and the environment. We also promote local economic development and partner with the community. If you have a commercial or industrial project that demands quality work, we can help. Contact us today.