B&D Industries has maintained a proud tradition of serving clients for over 65 years, with no plans on slowing down. Our focus is on performance, costs, schedules, and the relationships we have with our clients, and ourselves! We’ve been able to continue to provide the same level of work while growing our company even further because of one thing: our dedicated team of exceptional people achieving exceptional results.

But, what exactly does it take to become a B&D team member?

The Culture at B&D

Beyond differentiating ourselves significantly in our industry, we aim to set ourselves apart starting at the core of our business. Without a doubt, our culture at B&D is what makes us unique.

Starting with the owners and ending with the employees, the culture is extraordinary. When it comes to both office and field personnel, we hire individuals who want to be here and strive to do their best in the roles they are given. That’s why we have such a low turnover rate. We promote growth and empower our employees by giving them the support they need, such as educational reimbursements, to drive a successful career at B&D.

We also empower the employees, because a company is only as good as its people. We encourage employees to have a voice to make a meaningful impact on the company and its direction. We feel fostering this type of atmosphere recognizes our employees as part of our team as a whole. As of the first of 2020, we’ve had 12 employees who have been with B&D between 20 to 35 years!

B&D has been a family-owned business since 1955 and to this day, we are owned and led by members of the original Beall lineage. Just as Troy Beall, current President of B&D, followed in his father’s footsteps, his son Clinton is the current torch-holder and Senior Vice President at B&D Industries! We believe it is an investment to build and nourish our B&D family, blood or not, and take joy in creating a familial feeling amongst employees.

The Workplace at B&D

The working environment at B&D is best described as sustainable, and our people love coming to work. They feel challenged in their positions and we foster a collaborative working environment. We believe if our employees are happy in their position, they will be more productive—a true win-win!

Depending on the career you want, the experience required could range from no experience at all, to being certified in a special trade/craft, or having a college degree. When hiring someone for a position at B&D, we reference a unique Predictive Index Report for each employee as a part of their hiring process. It’s a job placement tool that has been utilized for over 50 years. With this added benefit, we are able to take the guesswork out of hiring. Most importantly, we look for the right shared attitudes, and standards in a prospective employee. We want to ensure the individual aligns with our mission, vision, and values:

Mission Statement: To be the best-in-class contractor who embraces a fun, safe, rewarding, and challenging work environment.

Vision Statement: To build a legacy of the greatest customer experience by retaining, developing, and attracting the best talent in the industry.

– People: We are family.
– Loyalty: We’ve got your back.
– Attitude: We care more.

We also encourage employees to think big-picture and long-term when it comes to their careers at B&D. Some team members are content working in the role they are currently in, while others aspire to do bigger things. B&D offers a growth plan to each employee, should they want it, with the full support of the individual’s supervisor or manager so they can get to where they want to be here at B&D.

Not only that, we feel that offering our employees benefits is a key component to taking care of the members that make up our team. At B&D, we offer health insurance coverage, including dental and vision.

How to Join the B&D Team

If all of the above sounds like the perfect environment for you, we want to hear from you. Contact us today, let us know what you’re interested in doing, and provide us with a resume. We then can contact you when a job opportunity that fits the description of what you are looking for becomes available.

You can also find an updated list of our current career openings here.

Working for B&D is more than just a job – it is a career where your skills and passion will make a difference.