At B&D we pride ourselves on being more than just a company, but a service business. But what exactly makes B&D so different from our residential competitors? We’re glad you asked!

We’ve been proudly serving the Albuquerque community for over 65 years, with no plans on slowing down!

As we head towards the future with our partners and our clients, we continually strive to differentiate ourselves so significantly through excellent service delivery and exceptional customer experience that we are able to change the industry – one project and one relationship at a time.

The B&D Difference

We’ve been a family-owned and operated business since 1955. That means we carry the core values of a small company while providing a fun, safe, rewarding, and challenging work environment. We look for those who value family, loyalty, and mindsets as much as we do. Before anything else, our people take pride in the work they perform, which makes the final product even better!

At B&D, we feel the same commitment to this beautiful Southwest location as we do to our customer base, and that reflects in our work. The fact that we’ve been in the same location after 65 years of business must mean we’re doing something right.

How We Do Things Differently from our Residential Competitors

Throughout the years, our focus has remained on performance, costs, schedules, and relationships. Unlike our residential competitors, we always aim to exceed our customer’s expectations and requirements, and because of this, we’ve gotten to work with some pretty amazing clients. Not to mention, we’re the largest employer of electrical tradesmen in the state of New Mexico. This allows us to have the manpower and resources to support our statewide customers. Over the last 65 years, B&D has provided services for companies in research, academia, government, manufacturing, high tech, and healthcare sectors, so our knowledge is vast.

We strive to build a legacy of the greatest customer experience by retaining, developing, and attracting the best-in-class talent in the industry. How do we do it all? By hiring the highest quality team available and knowing our customers well enough that we can anticipate their needs, while consistently delivering on every commitment we make. We offer specialized expertise in electrical, plumbing, technologies, and HVAC systems, including construction, operation, maintenance, and repair services. But what sets B&D’s work apart goes far beyond just the project itself.

Performance is our passion, and our services are provided by union employees who are trained and licensed through the apprenticeship program. So, whether a B&D technician is providing electrical, plumbing, or HVAC services, you can be confident in knowing they are knowledgeable in their skills and provide quality craftsmanship in the work they perform. We’re also an industry leader in safety and are relentless in our approach to prevent any accidents/incidents possible. We believe every incident, occupational injury, and illness is preventable. If it is not safe, we do not do it! To continually reinforce this philosophy, we utilize technical field procedures and on-going training. With every project we undertake, no matter its scale, our core focus is on protecting people and the environment, promoting local economic development, and partnering with the community. We think achieving quality by making solid decisions based on facts, identifying issues before they occur, promptly fixing problems should they materialize, and inspiring every person on a project to do it right the first time is the right way to do things.

Costs are important and staying competitive is imperative to us, so we make sure to do everything in our power to preserve our reputation. We shop multiple vendors for material to seek the best price possible, closely manage labor with GPS in our vehicles and phones and use high tech tools in the field to run operations more efficiently than our residential competitors.

Schedules are also an essential part of B&D running smoothly. We make sure to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we want to be available to our customers around the clock. This gives our customers the comfort of knowing we will do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter the time of day or day of the week. We know that life doesn’t pause and that each day can bring something new, so being there is important to us.

Relationships are perhaps the most crucial part of our culture, and maintaining them is key. We believe that how we interact with each other and how we serve our customers is equally as important as the projects we deliver. It’s not enough for us to just provide superior service; we must also be a great place to work to attract and retain the top talent in our field. Alongside our internal and customer relationships, the relationships we have with our community are just as meaningful. B&D is an advocate for giving back to the community in which we live and work. In 2019, the owners focused on the youth of our community, specifically feeding homeless kids. We also run an internal ‘Giving Back Campaign’ that encourages the employees to set a payroll deduction to give to the charity of their choice. We make sure to contribute to education, economic development, industry organizations, and policy development in support of improving the quality of life for our community members. We are exceptional people achieving exceptional results, and that is what sets us apart.

The Future at B&D

At B&D, we’re dedicated to doing whatever it takes. As we head into 2020, we’re eager to get a head start on further distinguishing ourselves as your go-to construction and management firm. So, what’s on the horizon? Well, we’re implementing a Preventative Maintenance Agreement Advantage Plan that will offer our customers VIP services! We’ve also invested in a special trenchless sewer machine to perform non-invasive sewer repairs and replacements.

We’ve celebrated over 65 years of excellence in New Mexico since our inception in 1955, and we’re always looking for the next project to undertake. Think it should be yours? We do too. Contact B&D today at 505-299-4464 or schedule an appointment online.