B&D Industries, Inc. has been serving New Mexico since 1955, performing everything from routine residential plumbing services to large commercial projects. In our 65 years in the state, we’ve gotten to learn a lot about the rich history, culture, and experience opportunities all around us! When we aren’t working on your air conditioning unit or helping you learn how to check your water heater’s temperature, we like to explore some of the phenomenal places that our amazing state has to offer. We think you should too, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite things to experience all around our New Mexico stomping grounds.

Albuquerque Museum

There really is no better way to learn more about a place than by visiting its very own museum. The Albuquerque Museum is chock full of interesting art, educational opportunities, and events focused around our fascinating state capital. You can take your kids to experience a hands-on Route 66 Exhibit, stroll through the sculpture garden, or revisit some childhood memories with their upcoming special exhibit, The Jim Henson Exhibition: Imagination Unlimited, opening Nov. 23rd. Not only that, but there are countless live performances to attend and many guided tours to give you a different look at the museum’s exhibitions. Whether you’re a local just looking to brush up on your hometown history, or new to town and researching your new abode, we think you’ll enjoy looking around.

Carlsbad Caverns

If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, a visit to the Carlsbad Caverns should definitely be on your bucket list. Not only does the national park have open areas, rocky climbing, stunning canyons, and Albuquerque wildlife to see, but it also has famous caves hidden underground. The most famous of the chambers, Carlsbad Cavern, is a 4,000 ft long, 625 ft wide, 255 ft high cavity made of natural limestone, and it’s a must-see. It’s the third-largest chamber in North America and the seventh-largest in the whole world. Cool, right? Add a hike here to your calendar. We promise you won’t regret it.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Have a curious kiddo to keep entertained? We can relate. That’s where a visit to the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History can help. They offer kids’ science camps, interactive exhibitions like Little Albert’s Lab, and enriching exhibits about everything from the Cold War to green energy. We may be biased, but the scientific side of things is always fun to delve into, and we guarantee you’ll have just as much fun as the kids do. Plus, don’t forget to pop into Heritage Park while you’re there if you’re an aviation buff, because planes, missiles, rockets, and more await you!

New Mexico Cuisine

We couldn’t end this adventure without mentioning our favorite thing about New Mexico: it’s home to the Chile Capital of the World! If eating is more your speed when it comes to activities, you must make a visit to the city of Hatch. Although there are chili events, festivals, and cookoffs all over the state, it’s worth the trip to see the stunning chile crops. We know it’s a great plan, so the only question you should be asking yourself is: “red or green?”.

B&D Industries, Inc.

One of our favorite things to do here in New Mexico is to ensure that your home or business is running smoothly at its core. As an integral part of the Albuquerque community for more than 65 years, we’re honored to be New Mexico’s premier construction and management firm! We offer specialized expertise in all phases of electrical, plumbing, technologies, and HVAC systems, including construction, operation, maintenance, and repair services. Let us keep things functional in your space, so you can keep having fun all around our great state. Happy exploring!