Let’s face it, a toilet clog is bound to happen. Sometimes they can be a minor inconvenience, or they can be an incredible strain on our patience and wallet. We hardly ever think about our toilets until something goes wrong and when they do, we’re left to clean up the mess. But, with these easy tips, you will be able to unclog your toilet in no time.

B&D Industries, Inc. is one of New Mexico’s best plumbing service providers. We strive to provide solutions for commercial and residential properties to ensure their plumbing system flows freely. A clogged toilet is just one of many problems we’re experts in solving. Read our article to learn the best ways to fix a toilet clog below. 

Fixing a Toilet Clog With a Plunger

Probably the first thing that will come to mind when facing a clogged toilet is dusting off the plunger behind your bowl. While this tool may appear to be basic, it’s typically the best solution for minor clogs. 

When using this tool, you need to place the plunger in the toilet bowl and push it down gently. The first push is meant to eliminate the air. Once you’ve got a good seal going, pump the plunger up and down forcefully while maintaining the seal. Then, pull the tool off to break the air seal. The water should rush down the drain.

If that doesn’t fix your toilet clog, repeat the steps until the clog loosens.

Hot Water and Dish Soap to Loosen the Toilet Clog

Another solution you may use is hot water and basic dish soap. Simply heat a gallon of water on the stove and pour dish soap into your toilet while your water heats up. Alternatively, you can replace the dish soap with shampoo. 

Once the water is hot, not boiling, dump it into your toilet. Next, you’ll wait 10-15 minutes while the dish soap and water softens the clog. Once time has passed, the toilet should unclog and flush easily. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar are Miracle Workers

Not just for food and cleaning, you can do so much with baking soda and vinegar. These household items are especially effective when fixing a toilet clog. To use these items for your toilet you must begin with emptying some of the water out of your bowl. Next, you will pour one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar down the drain. Once they combine, the natural chemical reaction will bubble up and loosen the clog. After about 30 minutes, pour some hot water into the bowl and see if it drains. If it does, you’re set for business. If not, repeat it once more.

Toilet Clogs Stand No Chance Against Drain Snakes

None of those solutions working? Try a drain snake. They’re cost-effective and great for unclogging any drains on your property. All you need to do is thread the device and move it around until you release the blockage. This is especially useful when the clog is deeper than the bowl itself.

If this doesn’t work, it’s time to call in the professionals.

B&D Industries, Inc. Provides 24/7 Plumber Service

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