Since our beginnings in 1955, B&D has grown to become New Mexico’s premier construction and management firm. And our vision is to continue to set ourselves apart from our competitors through our unparalleled customer service and exceptional customer experiences. Over the years, we’ve learned that to be the best, we have to look toward the future – innovating with every opportunity we get. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our new Smart Building Automation programming at B&D!

Take a look at what you can expect from our new service, and see how these capabilities can help you or your business.

What Is Smart Building Automation?

BAS, or Building Automation Software, gives users the ability to control and manage the building’s systems. This includes operations such as lighting, heating, and cooling, and alarm systems. So how does it work? In our services, we utilize Niagara N4 and use the Tritium Framework. And we wire a central hub (JACE) to fans, lights, locks, and more. A computer then programs the JACE using Building Automation JavaScript (BAJA) to turn a fan on or off, modulate, communicate set points, and modify lighting schedules to the user’s needs.

Currently, many commercial agencies and businesses already have some sort of BAS. But it’s typically an older system, developed back in the 70s or 80s, that utilizes pneumatic controls and high-pressure air. As technology improved, CPUs and motherboards that allowed contractors to lock customers out of their own controls were introduced. And the ability to only reprogram or adjust without full autonomy has often left users feeling like their equipment is being hidden from them. But that’s where automation services can help as the future of smart buildings, and put the power back into your hands.

Besides offering a modern, user-friendly, and unique experience, building automation programming can make a huge difference in efficiency within operations. In fact, according to an article by FedTech Magazine, experts say that as a digitally connected space, a smart building can “enhance the user experience, increase productivity, reduce costs, and mitigate physical and cybersecurity risks.” By collecting data through internet-connected advanced utility meters and analyzing it, staff within the equipped building can be alerted to potential issues and measure what is being used as a whole. And these insights are what helps the program be able to ingest data and to make the automatic adjustments needed to optimize the space.

Just like any other element of technology, especially smart technology, BAS systems experience rapid changes. While the written program may be in Java today, there’s no telling what it may look like a few years from now. But we’re ready to tackle what the industry brings, and thrilled to offer it to our amazing customers.

Partner with B&D

Leave behind the days of dealing with controls companies that leave none of the actual control in your hands. Controls contractors can be few and far between, but at B&D, our certified technicians take the time to explain your current system, what we offer, and how it is used. Not to mention, we’ll be there for any questions you may have and to assist every step of the way. This puts you in control and keeps you familiar with the system that you rely on! And our new smart building automation services are no different. We are elevating the industry, setting the standard for electrical,plumbing, and heating and cooling, one project and one relationship at a time.

If you have a location you’d like to inquire about utilizing Smart Building Automation services in, contact us today at 505-299-4464 or schedule an appointment online.