The average American homeowner will complete two major improvement projects this year.

When you reach a point where you are thinking of replacing an appliance or improving your home’s HVAC system, how do you know if you should buy at the top-of-the-line or if you should buy discounted?

When you’re deciding whether to splurge or save on your plumbing, HVAC, or electrical system, the key thing to prioritize is functionality. Anything fundamental to the effectiveness of your home should be reliable and of quality.

Here’s how you can save on home repairs and maintenance now and in the future:



Even though there aren’t a lot of opportunities to save on products for plumbing, there are a lot of other ways to save.

  • Start with establishing healthy plumbing habits. Take care of your drains, clean clogs, don’t pour grease down the drain, and make yourself aware of what you can and cannot put down the drain.
  • If you’re planning a remodel, consider a design plan that works with the current layout of your plumbing and doesn’t require you to uproot your pipes.
  • Don’t wait until small problems become a plumbing emergency.
  • Get all of your plumbing repairs done at one time. If you notice a small leak and need to call a plumber, check the rest of your system for leaks too. That way, you only need to call a plumbing company once.
  • It is also important to note that a service visit and an emergency service visit from a plumbing contractor are two different things. Emergency service is more expensive than a non-emergency repair or tune-up.


Heating and Air

Saving on both HVAC split systems and packaged systems comes down to choosing products that are efficient and having a system you are committed to for savings. Here’s how to save.

  • A programmable thermostat will help you better manage your energy use and help reduce costs overall. They are worth the cost, but be a savvy shopper. Look for rebates, monitor prices, and purchase when there are significant sales offered by the company or by store. For example, a Black Friday deal at a home electronics store.
  • Both residential and commercial water heaters eat-up a huge chunk of energy bills in America. When it’s time to replace your unit, do some research. With that said, you might want to consider splurging on an Energy Star model water heater. It’s best to have all of your HVAC components running at high energy efficiency. Look for SEER ratings for air conditioning units and AFUE in a furnace.
  • Reduce the need and cost for emergency heating and air conditioning repair by having your HVAC system professionally checked at least once every year.



Electricity bills and visits from an electrician can be expensive, but there are many preventative measures you can take to save on both.

  • Update the circuit directory yourself.
  • Clean the areas the electrician will need to access prior to their arrival. This will greatly reduce the time to complete an electrical repair.
  • Get electrical services and repairs done in one appointment, verses many appointments.
  • Using a motion sensor activated lights during the evening, which will decrease the amount of energy being used.
  • LED lights perform better than incandescent light bulbs. They might cost more upfront but last longer and help decrease energy bills.
  • Purchase outlets, lighting devices, and anything else you might want an electrician to install. It will be cheaper than having an electrical company to purchase these items. Just ensure that you communicate this to the electrician from the beginning.
  • Use Energy Star appliances to reduce electric usage.
  • If you’re designing a home, consider the placement and quality of outlets based on your lifestyle and needs. It’s a splurge, but it saves you from the extensive renovations required to add outlets after the home is built.


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