If you remodel your plumbing it can cost an average of $2,000 to $15,000, so if you’ve been putting it off until the absolute “need to” point, you’re not alone.

But knowing when you’ve reached that tipping point can be a hard call to make. When do you actually need a plumber?

There are a few turning points that you can use to help gauge when it is the “right” time to replace your plumbing system.

Here are the best times to remodel your plumbing:


Remodel During a Plumbing Emergency

When your plumbing breaks or is damaged to the point of no return: it’s time for a remodel. This is the most obvious time to call a plumbing company. Unfortunately, pipes wear down eventually. Being a pipe in your plumbing system is a lot of work. The constant flow of water pressure, extreme temperatures, and interactions of chemicals with heavy metals are a system with a time limit.


Call a Plumber When Plumbing Shows Signs of Damage

Plumbing systems are pretty straight forward when communicating that something is wrong. There are a handful of tell-tale signs that are almost always a sign that it’s time to replace your system:

  • If your water has changed colors, especially if it has taken a rusty undertone
  • When your water has a distinct smell. Whatever the smell may be, water should be odorless
  • If your water bill is going up without any significant change in your lifestyle
  • Either your residential or commercial water heating system is failing 
  • You are experiencing clogged drains more frequently 
  • Your pipes are leaking more frequently 
  • The water pressure in your home is weakening or sporadically gets better or worse 
  • There are signs of mold or water damage near faucets and piping entry points in your home 


Contact a Plumber to Replace Aged and Obsolete Piping

Another way to be able to tell if your plumbing has run its course is to assess the age and material of the piping. According to The Spruce, this is the life expectancy of plumbing:

  • Copper: 50 or more years
  • Brass: 40 to 45 years
  • Cast Iron: 75 to 100 years
  • Galvanized Steel: 20 to 50 years
  • PVC piping can last indefinitely

While the life of some plumbing fixtures may last longer than some humans, their compatibility with modern technology may not last for its entire lifetime. For example, galvanized steel and cast iron are incompatible with low flow toilets and other new, efficiency-focused products. This is a major problem in many homes and businesses that want to have green building designations. We’ve also found that older pipes also struggle to support “high power” systems that rely on a constant flow of high-water pressure.


When Plumbing Doesn’t Fit With Your Design

The functionality of homes change; for example, having an open floorplan instead of separate and distinguishable rooms is a modern alteration to the way we live. The layout of older systems will eventually not fit the “modern” vision you may have for your home. If your piping will not allow for you to make the design changes you need to make, it’s a great opportunity to set the refresh button on your plumbing system. You don’t necessarily have to wait until you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency to get a remodel. Sometimes a more preventative approach is less stressful and costly in the long run. A design remodel is especially a great time to rethink your plumbing because your home will already be under construction. So, it may be best to get all of the construction out of the way at once, instead of prolonging the inability to use the new changes to your home.

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