Break out the hoodies, pumpkin spice flavors, and your favorite festive decorations because Summer is finally over and Fall is here! It’s also the perfect time for homeowners to ready their properties for the upcoming colder months and conduct their annual inspections to see if everything is in order. That is why we’ve made this article to help you get ready for Fall with these electrical safety tips.

Use Your Space Heaters Carefully

During the colder months of Fall, it’s easy to heat up a room by using a space heater. It’s also a good way to reduce your energy bills without having to heat the whole house. However, space heaters can be a safety hazard if you don’t use them safely. Always make sure there’s nothing flammable within three feet of your space heater. Additionally, you should never plug your heater into an electrical extension cord. 

Inspect Your Electrical Extension Cords

Halloween is just around the corner. This means you may be putting up your spooktacular decorations to get into the holiday spirit. This of course means you’ll likely be using extension cords to ensure your decorations get power. Before plugging in your ghouls and zombies into your extension cords, inspect them for any damage. You should also only be using weather-rated cords in the event of rain or snow. Additionally, if you plan on plugging in holiday lights, make sure you’re using surge protectors to help provide internal load protection.

Sweep Away Dry Leaves From Electrical Outlets

When the leaves begin falling from your trees, it’s really important that you push them away from any outdoor outlets, light fixtures, and power cords. Dry leaves are extremely flammable and can easily catch fire if they’re hit with an electrical spark. Also, you should keep your outdoor air conditioning unit clean and clear from any debris.

Be Cautious When Handling Electrical Devices Outside

Fall has a lot more moisture in the air, resulting in a lot more rainfall than you experience in the Summer. This means you need to make sure that any electrical devices used outside must be waterproof. Outdoor outlets should be GFCI and should be covered to keep water out and protect users from potential shocks. 

Upgrade Your Panel

Another safety tip we recommend is upgrading your electrical panel. It’s one of the most important tasks you should do when going through your yearly inspection because it is the power hub of your electrical system. If your panel is up there in age, has faulty wires in or near the breaker, or you just have too many power strips and extension cords throughout your house, it’s time for an upgrade.

B&D Industries, Inc. Offers Preventive Electrical Maintenance 

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