From protecting your loved ones to keeping your precious belongings safe from damage, understanding how to spot and fix plumbing problems is an important part of being a homeowner. It’s also equally as necessary to know when a plumbing issue is too much to handle on your own, and when to have your system looked at by a professional.

Educating yourself about the inner workings of your home is something that everyone should do. That’s why we’re here to help you know how to prevent plumbing mishaps and give you resources to show how to spot what your plumbing system needs. This can assist you in making the best, most timely decisions when it comes to caring for your home.

Understanding the Prevention of Plumbing Problems

The first line of defense against plumbing issues truly is prevention. And this can include regular maintenance and routine checks of your system. In fact, you can take preventative measures in protecting your plumbing by following our compiled tips on how to keep your pipes from freezing. This includes proper insulation of your unit and attentiveness during the cold winter months. And while you’re acting beforehand, ensuring your water heater is running properly can ward off any destruction due to a burst. You can do this by checking your pressure valve regularly, draining it often, and by following these other helpful steps we gathered.

If you’re in the process of purchasing a home, knowing what to look for upon inspection can ward off unforeseen headaches from arising in the future. And from brown ceiling spots and running toilets to an old water heater and hidden sewage issues, there’s a lot you can catch beforehand. By hiring a properly trained technician to perform your inspection, as well as learning the basics, you can save massively on costs. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying your new home instead of dealing with damage later?

Be Prompt

What is the most crucial thing to remember about dealing with any plumbing problems? Do not wait! If you believe your system needs attention, whether it be a quick repair or a total replacement, act as soon as you become aware of the issue.

According to HomeGuide, the average cost to repair a burst pipe is $400-$1,500, the average cost to repair a leaking pipe in your ceiling is $700-$2,500, and the average cost to repair a leak in your main water line is $450-$2,500. In other words: waiting can mean spending far much more money than you should – or need to.

When to Get Help from the Professionals

It should come as no surprise that plumbing repairs and replacements can become quite costly, especially if you don’t take action, preventative measures to keep your plumbing system efficient. And whether you’re just not confident in your maintenance skills or you feel like your system needs more help than you can give it, it’s best to call experts like us here at B&D.

From fixing drain clogs to full re-pipes, we have been ensuring the success and longevity of residential plumbing systems for over 60 years. And because we know that emergencies don’t happen only during business hours, we have a 24/7 emergency service line to take your call, whenever you need us. Our expertly-trained technicians will help you maximize savings and keep you living comfortably. We even offer a preventative maintenance program to keep you covered. And during this time, our team is dedicated to still providing services during the COVID-19 outbreak. While doing so, we’re taking extra precautionary measures to stay sanitary and help you get back to comfortable social distancing. We can all do our part.

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