Winter weather is melting away, spring heat is rising, and that means your HVAC system will need to be ready for the even warmer summer months ahead! And just as it’s best practice to prep your pipes for the cold climate, your system should be prepared for warmer temps as well! Leaving your system unready can lead to higher energy consumption bills, a breakdown in the middle of the night, and dangerous overheating of precious electrical components of your system, which could lead to expensive damages or even injury.

Here are some simple things you can do to get your HVAC system spring-ready and running smoothly as it gets warmer.

Change Filters

According to, 1-inch disposable filters should be replaced every 1 to 3 months, and thicker, high-efficiency filters should be changed out once every 6 to 12 months. This helps filter out dust, debris, and allergens that quickly gather, especially in the spring and summer months, in your home. By keeping up with filter changes, you can avoid a rise in energy consumption by up to 15%, according to the US Department of Energy. Not to mention, you can help avoid those pesky breakdowns in the middle of a hot night due to too much strain on your unit. But, most importantly, it helps keep healthy, clean air flowing for you and your loved ones!

Keep Your HVAC System Clean

Because HVAC units live outdoors, it’s important to regularly clean them of debris like branches, leaves, and dirt to make sure there are no obstructions. If left uncleared, your system could be prone to overheat and stop working altogether. And while many cover their systems with tarps, especially in the winter months, Home Comfort Experts says it may not be necessary to do so in order to avoid mildew and mold. To give your HVAC unit a nice cleaning, make sure to shut your system off before beginning. You then can use gentle vacuums or water to get rid of anything trapped inside.

Check Air Ducts for Damage

According to the US Department of Energy, damaged air ducts can contribute to rising energy bill costs in your home, whether they’re poorly insulated, badly sealed, or even cracked. By frequently checking for leaks or damage, as well as monitoring the airflow throughout your home, you could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars if a replacement were needed. Along with these checkups, making sure the insulation around your ducts, and in your home, in general, is sufficient, could help reduce costs even more throughout the whole year.

Contact B&D

At B&D, we want to help you stay comfortable all year long. That’s why we provide the necessary maintenance your heating and cooling system needs in order to prolong its life. You can schedule regular maintenance with our team to ensure that your system is taken care of, and nothing is left to chance. We even have a preventative maintenance program that you can utilize for peace of mind.

And because we know that your system doesn’t only fail during weekdays or working hours, we offer a 24/7 emergency service line to our customers. We also know that during the COVID-19 outbreak, responsible servicing is key, and our team is taking the necessary measures to keep themselves, and you safe.

Our expert, EPA-licensed technicians are trained with the skills and know-how to optimize your system, to maximize savings, and to waste no time. Contact us today or schedule your appointment online.