It’s the middle of winter, it’s blistering cold and you’re looking for comfort in the warmth of your home. But, when you turn on your gas heater, it fails to ignite. What gives? What can you do to fix the situation to ensure you’re safe and warm?

As one of the premier heating and cooling technicians in New Mexico, B&D Industries, Inc. works on many furnaces. We’ve encountered countless wimpy heaters and have met some amazing innovations. Read our article below to learn what you can do to get your gas heater to ignite. 

Check If There is a Problem with Your Circuit Breaker

The first thing you should do if your gas heater is not igniting is check to see if the circuit breakers for your property are working properly. You should walk around your home, checking electric outlets, like the ones the fridge or microwave are plugged into. If these are all working properly then you will know there is an issue with the furnace. Double-check your furnace’s circuit breaker to see if the switch is on. If it\’s in the off position, simply switch it on to see if the heater ignites.

Take a Look at Your Gas Heater’s Air Filter

A reason for furnaces to not ignite is often due to a safety issue. The most common example of this is when there is a clogged air filter. Many homeowners often forget to routinely change out their air filters, which leads to these clogs.

Due to the risks involved in igniting a gas heater with a dirty filter, it will no longer ignite. So, it’s a very good idea to check to see how dirty your filter is. If it’s enough to cause alarm, you should change it right away. If it still fails to ignite, then it’s most likely another issue.

How is Your Gas Supply?

Another reason for your gas heater’s failure to ignite is that there’s a problem with the gas supply. To find out, it’s wise that you check the supply to your home to see if it’s working. If you’ve got a gas hob or oven, see if they’re working. If not, then there’s a problem with your gas supply.

According to Academy Air, if your home’s gas supply is fine, it could be that there’s an issue with the gas supply to your furnace. It could be that there is something as simple as a broken valve, or it could be something much worse. To ensure the problem doesn’t become a bigger issue, it pays to consult an expert.

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