Hired in 1999 as an Apprentice working in the field, Kevin Hernandez, a native New Mexican, not only earned his nickname “Tiger” but nearly 20 years later still wears it proudly.  He was given his name by another field worker; who at the time expressed his words of encouragement by saying, “Way to go, Tiger!”

Tiger was 24 when he started working for B&D.  He was expecting the birth of his one and only daughter, Adrianna at the time and in order to make ends meet, he signed up to be in the JATC Apprenticeship Program.

Tiger has been working as a General Foreman at the Los Lunas Data Center; however, in the near future will be joining Division 5 and will function as the Service Project Manager.  His hopes in advancing from General Foreman to Service PM are to learn more of the management side of things; however, he will miss the comradery and social aspect of working in the field.  He is most excited to be getting into the service side of the industry because he enjoys fast-paced work and a change in the day-to-day scenery (ie: new challenges, new tasks).  Long term, he wishes to get into big project management then eventually become a Senior Project Manager.  He also stated that he feels a need to learn to estimate.  He is motivated to get as many proverbial tools under his belt as personal growth is very important to him.

Tiger is one of our top performing General Foreman, which is why he was selected to participate in the NECA Foreman Development Series Program that he successfully graduated from in 2017.

Tiger enjoys spending his free time playing golf, a sport that he learned from his father at a very young age and spending time with his daughter.  Tiger has a special bond with his daughter as he has been her sole provider and raised her since she was seven on his own. His daughter is 18 now and currently going to school for nursing.  Tiger is one proud father!

Tiger is extremely involved with his church, St. Bernadette and serves on the Knights of Columbus, which is the world’s largest Catholic family fraternal service organization, providing members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the Catholic Church and local parishes, the community in which they live, to the youth of the area, to individual Knights and their families, and to the Knights of Columbus Council in which they are active members.

If you have not met Tiger, he is someone you ought to know.  He is highly respected both personally and professionally and will truly be an asset for any division he works for. Keep kicking butt and Go Get’em Tiger!